Prayer For May


When the disciples prayed together they "turned the world upside down" for the Gospel.  (Acts 13:1-4)

You have been invited to enter the very presence of God through prayer.

What power we will unleash if we pray in one accord.

Let's join together and pray these petitions for the month of May.


1.  Pastor John and Our Church

     May Pastor John, Maureen, and our church leaders have a renewed awe at the LOVE of Jesus.  May they LOVE the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.  May they feel LOVED, appreciated, and encouraged.  May they receive the help they need to carry out their calling.  May their walk in Christ be filled with LOVE and may their footsteps bring peace and joy.

2.  Revival

     May our greatest prayer be revival in our land.  May all our loved ones, as well as the stranger, come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.  May there be an unquenchable hunger to pray and to read the Bible.  May Holy Spirit feel welcome in our church and bless us with His good gifts for the glory of Christ. May we be convicted of our sins and be brought to true repentance.  May we be a part of the greatest revival ever upon the earth!

 3.  Field Day-  June 8

     May Field Day be used as an event that demonstrates the LOVE of Jesus and the LOVE of our church to the community. May there be many volunteers who will share their time, skills, experiences, and prayers.  Please Lord, help us to meet the physical, financial, and spiritual needs of the day.  And, may we show LOVING hospitality and make many new friends.