Analyzing Feelings

Psalm 70:9. " Do not cast me off in time of old age." As I was driving home from a recent visit to my elderly parents I tried to analyze my feelings. I discerned both sweetness and sadness. Sweetness because they are so dear to me.. Sadness because I hate to see the decline of mind and body which usually accompanies old age. Not only do I grieve their loss, but my own. Because I understand that I am looking at my future. Yet even in this relentless march of time God brings us hope in three truths 1. God's grace is sufficient. He will never forsake us and will always provide his presence and help. 2. His power is perfected in our weakness. The more vulnerable we become, the brighter the light of the love & care of Christ shines through us! 3. Nothing done for Christ is in vain. This earthly life is not the end. Our resurrection and eternal reward as heirs of God lie before us! Therefore let us gracefully move down the path of our old age, fully confident of his care and reward!