A Reunion

Recently I attended a reunion of my father's side of the family. Though my father is still living he is way up in years and could not travel to the reunion this year. When the gathering was over, before driving home, I headed over to spend a few quiet moments at the old homestead. No one has lived in it for several years now. But it is being well kept. I strolled around the quiet yard, looking at the old house and a few small farm buildings nearby. All this time a movie was playing in my mind as I was imagining all the stories which dad told me playing out.

It is amazing how ordinary people doing ordinary things in ordinary lives years ago come to be large, significant and sacred to the descendants! It makes one wonder: are ordinary people and events truly ordinary but the next generation inflates them to be great? Or, are all so-called ordinary things actually inherently significant and sacred, and we only recognize them later, after the hubbub of daily living is past, and time has distilled them revealing their gold?

Probably the answer to this question depends on your life-view. Is God real and therefore everything has a purpose? Or is there no God, therefore nothing is meaningful? I believe that nature and scripture gives us the answer. God is real! So we are able to see everything in life, as full of meaning and purpose, significant and sacred. . So, "Give thanks in all things!" When you have God and hope, every story in life is an adventure and a romance within God's great purpose!