Fear God. Honor the King

I Peter 2:17

The Bible tells us that Israel came to a point where they no longer wanted God to be their King. They preferred to have a human king like the other nations.

Having a human king or government is both a good and bad thing. It is bad because it is proof that most people have rejected God. But it is good because God ordains it to maintain peace and order in a fallen world.

But let us never make a human institution a substitute for God. Candidates regularly over promise what they can do and over condemn their opponents. There may be many leaders in the land but there must only be one God. Therefore don't let government dictate behaviour which is contrary to God's commands. And never look to government to be a savior to do what we should already be doing for the Lord.

Here is a paraphrase of something Thomas Jefferson once said: " When it comes to style, go with the flow. But when it comes to principles, stand like a rock!"