Principles & Practicals

Colossians 3:1,2

Have you ever noticed that when you look back on life you rarely remember the mundane details of the days but instead it is the relationships and big experiences that come to mind?

This causes me to recognize that there are always two levels to life. The low level entails the routine practices of the day including appointments, chores and problem solving. But the upper level includes the beliefs and purposes that over-arch all that we do. The practical level is short-term. The principle level lasts forever.

An illustration of this might be a cruise ship. On the lower decks are crew and staff moving back and forth to keep the ship successfully running each day. But on the upper decks are the vacationers who are focusing on the beautiful things such as food, sites and relationships. The activities of the lower level are necessary. But that's not why people sign up for a cruise. They are looking for memories that will be a blessing forever.

So as we move through each hour of the day let us not only pay attention to our errands & lists, but let us be constantly looking up to the Big Story which God is working out through us!