The Flower Fades, But....

Isaiah 40:8

I was recently visiting my elderly parents who live several states away from me. It is always sweet to see them and I am glad I still have them. But when I see them only now and then the effects of time are obvious.

In this world everything changes and dies. This makes us often sad but actually is very good for us to consider. God's word says that all flesh is as grass. It fades and passes away. Most of us live to about 80 years old. But this knowledge of a finite life should bring to us wisdom of the heart.

1 Peter 1. 25 reminds us that a life which receives Christ who is the word of God will also last forever. This enables us to bear the infirmities of age and sickness with the sweet and strengthening grace of God each day. And those around us will see his power at work through our weakness as we daily lean on him!