I Will Laugh At Your Disaster

Proverbs 1: 24-33

God has the right to say,"I told you so". I believe that this happens when people who defy God in their lives finally reap the foolishness that they have been sowing.

Christians encounter suffering from three sources: 1. Common problems that afflict all people who live in this fallen world. 2. Persecution that comes because we bear the Cross of Christ. 3. Reaping the consequences of our own disobedience. I think that these verses in Proverbs 1 clearly refer to the third type of suffering.

Of all the challenges we have in life, Christians should not be suffering the additional burdens of sinful self-inflicted wounds! I myself have sometimes shed tears of regret for ignoring this principle. God will not be mocked.

Let us repent of any lingering bad habitsbefore our self-set trap snaps closed!