You Are The Light Of The World

“Take no credit, take no blame, take nothing from the world

Simply stand and speak, love and serve

For you are the light of the world”


We yearn for your appearing; for your revealing Lord Jesus!

Though yes, you are already here

“I will never leave you”

Yes, O Lord

But still we long for consummation.


There is a glow on the horizon that foretells of a coming sunrise

There are also low lying clouds that obscure it from view

Yet all around, its light has been advancing;

Nighttime indigo to morning blue;

Soon golden yellow white.


We long for your appearing Lord Jesus!

Yes we do! 

The sun is risen, and though it hides itself for now

You are here! 


Behind the low lying clouds,

Your glorious, golden explosion might seem delayed … still

Even in our longing, we know you are here;

Causing our daily lives to fill the morning sky with Light,

As indigo gives way to blue.