Let Us Go To The House Of The Lord

Going to church for many of us is something that feels warm and natural. This is because we have had the privilege of doing so for years! This is true for me. Having been raised in a pastor's family all my life the church has been my second home. And being The minister's baby, I was often called The Church Baby! That's why one of my happy places is in any church building especially when the aroma of coffee and a covered dish dinner is in the air!

Psalm 122 seems to capture some of those emotions in David. He finds Jerusalem and the Tabernacle of God within it to be his sacred place. In this song We find parallels between the Old Testament Temple and New Testament Temple, which is actually the congregation of God's people.

*First, it is Holy Ground! Not that the boards and bricks are special in themselves. But the place has become a sacred Memorial because this is the place where so many people have encountered God. *Second, it is our home turf. It is the home of our Family as we seek to be nurtured in God's world view. Truly a Shelter From The Storm! *Third, this place, when we are in it, is the house of God. This is because here every knee bows, and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord!

So pray for her peace, unity, and blessing. And always seek her good!