Two Big Strong Arms!

" May Grace and Peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. " II Peter: 1-2.

Everyday we look ahead to chores , meetings or obligations which do not seemed to be pleasant. This can cast a gray attitude over our hearts and minds.

But notice the two specific blessings which God commands over us each day: namely, Grace and Peace. Not only that, but that they are multiplied and abundant each moment as we know and love God and Christ! They are like two angels which God commands to surround us. Or God's embracing us with his two strong and protective arms.

Now when I anticipate going into an unpleasant place or situation I intentionally and prayerfully create anticipation that when I get there I will recognize these two Divine Messengers which God has sent to meet me there. They could appear in the form of friendly faces that I encounter there, good news, or surprising peace and power that passes all understanding.

So look forward to spying out these two good Messengers, no matter what your human mind first anticipated!