Faith That Conquers The World

"....And this is the victory that has overcome the world: Our Faith." I John 5:4.    The Bible also tells us that our faith is more precious than gold.

Natural thinking focuses on short-term outcomes. For example, medical test results, enough money to pay this month's bills , resolution of a fight. When we apply Faith through prayer we are often simply asking for short-term outcomes.

But godly faith achieves more than out comes. It is actually a new mindset. It climbs up into God's Strong Tower and abides there each day. This achieves three things. 1. Faith enables us to view God's big, long term picture through the promises of his word. 2. It quells the panic which results from facing trials alone. This enables us to find peace one day at a time. 3. Faith also does change outcomes. Some things we will never have unless we ask God for them. And He usually grants our requests.

Let us enter the daily Fortress of Faith!