Bless The Lord

At this time the Summer Olympics are taking place in Brazil. I watched the American girls compete in gymnastics. I took notice of the moments of concentration which were evident in their eyes before they began their routines. No doubt they were having intentionally positive conversations with themselves. Athletes from the past have explained how they tell themselves they are going to do well.
     Immature people let their minds simply drift here and there. They live reacting to their various whims & emotions. But anyone who has ever achieved worthwhile things has learned that they must guide their thoughts , much as a rider guides a horse or the driver grips a steering wheel.
     Once when David was a young leader the enemy came and stole the wives, children and belongings of David's men. Everyone wept including David. But while his men grew more despairing and desperate, David began to strengthen himself in God. Then the Lord showed him what to do. So also it is right for us to tell ourselves often that God is certainly holy. That is, he is perfect in power, wisdom and love. And He is interested in me! He has benefits to bestow upon me! This lifts my mind and gives me new hope and courage.
     So don't just lay in a mental rut. Grab yourself by the collar, pull your soul close to your lips and proclaim,"Bless the Lord!"