God's Personality

Psalm 103:2,3.

One of the greatest benefits that God gives to those who look to Him is the forgiveness of our sins. Notice it says ALL of our sins.
     This tells me a lot about God's personality. He is very gracious and loving. Not only that, look at the extent to which he displayed his love by sacrificing his Son to die for us. Christ paid a real price because our guilt wasreal. Now we can approach our Heavenly Father safely and boldly because we are his cleansed and forgiven children. We know that when we have strayed we need not try to hide. Instead we turn to him for forgiveness, guidance and strength.
     Forgiveness is one of God's Great benefits because , whether they realize it or not, most people continue to suffer the effects of their unresolved guilt for sins. They spend a lot of energy now trying to create a self image as a good person, not knowing how to process the hidden regrets of sins past and present.
     It is not very unusual to find even professing Christians who don't really believe or haen't received personal forgiveness from God. Such people find it terrifying or impossible to be real , vulnerable or to apologize. They tend to be over-sensitive , overreacting , do not listen well and go on the attack even when you try to make constructive suggestions.
     How liberating to acknowledge my sin to my loving God and Savior. His forgiveness is joy and freedom indeed!