Supernatural Healing

Psalm 103:3,4.

" He heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from the pit. He crowns you with love and compassion."
     Throughout my many years of walking with the Lord the subject of supernatural healing has been fascinating to me! Therefore I love the bold statement of Psalm 103 which comes right out and says He heals all your diseases!
     Of course we all know plenty of examples where it seems that godly people get sick or die early from disease, despite many prayers. So thoughI do not know everything about the subject, I would like to share a few insights.
     Facts that support the assertion that God heals our diseases include, 1. God has designed our bodies to fight off infections and to renew themselves daily for an average of 80 years upon the Earth. In a sense, therefore, he is healing us of countless diseases for years and years and years. 2. People of faith generally live more healthy lives. If the spirit and mind are focused on peace with God, the body will certainly derive positive effects. 3. It has been documented many times that praying with faith will cause more people to be healed than those who do not. 4. It is certainly true that in the long run flesh and blood cannot inherit eternal life. Our mortal bodies will die. But will be raised as spiritual bodies. Thus will healing be eternal. I believe this is what verse four of our text refers to.
     Even though godly people sometimes endure long illnesses or even death from disease , nevertheless the Bible encourages us to pray with confidence for healing.(James 5:13-18). We will usually receive it. But if not, he will give us a pathway to endure it and bring him glory. (1Cor. 10:13).